Himark Martin Tailor

Womens Clothing

Himark Martin Tailors Womens Clothing

HiMark Martin Tailors Women Clothing

Extensive Fabric Selection

We have over 10,000 suiting materials from Italy and the UK including brand names Zegna, Valentino Garavani, Dormeuil, Scabal, Fintex, Toni Tommi, John Cooper, WainShiell, Holland & Sherry.

Our collection covers the full range for Super 100's, 110's 120's, 150's or 180's Wool, Flannel or even Tweed. We carry almost any and every pattern and color under the sun..

View our Online Catalogue to get a glimpse of what HIMARK have available.

Whether you are looking for a professional bankers skirt and pant suit, or a soft linen suit for casual wear, or a dark coloured formal suit, we can make it to your sizes and fit!

HiMark is globally known for its high quality Bespoke Suits. Once you have worn a HiMark Suit, you will never return to the ill fitting ready made off the rack ones. And with prices set much lower than branded off- the- rack suits, Himark Bespoke suits are more a practicality than an indulgence.

HIMARK suits are tailored in Hong Kong, known to be the capital of the suiting world, therefore we can provide you with both high quality and exceptionally attractive price due to our Shanghainese workmanship, low tailoring costs and free port advantages.

Custom Tailoring gives you choice over fabric selection, styles and type of fit, i.e. loose, regular or slim.

You can now order online through our Online Store.
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