Himark Martin Tailor


Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the difference between a custom tailored suit and off the rack suit?
A custom tailored suit is made to measure suit, made according to your size, shape and style.
Ready made off the rack suit comes in standard sizes that don't fit you perfectly.
Custom tailored suits are made to fit you correctly.
2. Do you make ladies suits?
Yes, we do. We want ladies to look good too.
3 How do I see you when I am in Hong Kong?
4 How long will it take to get my suits?
Orders taken overseas take approximately 3-5 weeks.
If it is an urgency, we can expedite your delivery in 10 days - 2 weeks, at a slightly extra cost.
5 Do you keep measurements on file?
Yes, once you have ordered with us, we keep your records for ten years,
so reordering is much easier in the future.
6 Do I need to get measured every time I order?
No, once we have cut your pattern, we keep the pattern on file so there is no need to be
re-measured every time you order.
7 What happen if the garment does not fit first time around?
In the unlikely event that the garment does not fit or needs minor alterations.
You can bring it back to us and we will make the necessary alternations, free of charge.
Further more with first time clients, regardless of the number of suits and shirts that you order.
We will send out one first as trial or fitting. Thereafter you receive the suit or shirts.
You must notify us the fit, so that we can make any minor modifications if necessary.
If not, we complete the rest of your order based on the same measures and send it out.
8 Can I order Clothes online?
Yes, but you will have to follow our online ordering system,
which has full instruction on how measurements are to be taken. Optionally,
you can send us one of your best fitting suits and shirts to copy.
9 What Is the price range?
Our custom suits range from $399 up to $1299 depending on fabrics.
Our custom shirts range from $50 up to $129 depending on fabrics.