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HIMARK Martin Tailors Jackets

Himark Martin Tailors is world-renowned for our expertise in the selection of fabrics especially for bespoke custom sport jackets and blazers.

"Bespoke" refers to the time-honored craftmanship for making garments one at a time from a pattern created specifically for each client. Bespoke tailoring distinguishes Himark Martin Tailors as a superior purveyor of custom men’s clothing. We treat each client individually, taking the time and care to create a 100% custom fit in every detail.

Naturally the care and attention in the cutting and tailoring of our customer's sport jackets is given as much attention to the details by our top team of cutters and tailors.

Our blazers, whether single or double-breasted, provide smart casual and comfortable wear for business travel and other occasions.
We also carry the timeless styles- the ones with leather elbow patches

Select from:
English & Italian All Wools
English & Italian Silk Wools
English & Italian Tweeds
Cashmere & Cashmere Wools
Camel Hair